Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jogi Preaches ~

THE RE-CAP: First time I've had a class on a Sunday.


1. This is a new Threshold, enter it, don't step out.. it's a one way now. 

2. We're learning to learn.

3. Design is a discipline that changes the way you connect to everything and everyone around you. It is life-altering and changing. 

4. Design is a way of life, to every other field there are two separate things, a career and a personal life... but design IS your life, this is what you love doing, there need be no split in your persona.

5. Leave your baggage behind, embrace openness and your capacity to listen, even if you don't agree.

6. Till now, we had become used to a particular way of thinking, learning, living - we are unlearning it all now, so that we can be open to everything else. Lets break our conditioning !

7. From memory-based learning to merit-based learning.

8. From brain-waste to full use of your brain not just the right or left side of it, but all of it, finding the perfect balance.

9. Don't be secretive, be open.. share and learn.

10. Recognize your peers, spend time with them. Learn from them, Never look down upon anybody.

11. Design is a way of being.

12. We're going to design the future, change the world. Get comfortable with it.

13. New tools : Plan backwards, finish assignments, phase it out, don't procrastinate. Finish things when they're supposed to be finished. 

14. Use THAT moment that you are in to learn ! Interact !!

15. Show that there is a growth... just for yourself first !!
Don't relax just because you are good at something. Always, always strive to do better than your best.
You have to progress, not stagnate !
In the end you have to be better than you started out with.

16. Keep a Journal - learn words/phrases, note things down.. Your questions especially. 

17. Rest right, sleep the nights, eat good.

18. Be a good student.

19. Chuck your attitudes and masks, you don't need to impress anyone. Don't have a false sense of yourself, no victimhood, no shit. Don't be a victim of your past... this is your ground zero.

20. Don't stay at minimum requirement. Assignments are ladders you use to climb up. Don't compare yourself to others. Your ladder can take fifty rungs while someone else's may only take ten while anothers' might take seventy. Getting to the top using the best of your abilities, thats what matters! not the rungs on your ladder.

21. The Role of a Studio is central, - Learn from everything, tune into the space, be aware of what's going on around you and always contribute, help in creating an open atmosphere of learning!
This is your central workspace where you learn, show, collect, create, and share.

22. At the end of the day, what are we becoming ? - We become people who are able to appreciate quality in everything around us.

23. We need to know things, how materials work and more, to design according to the time, resources and other requirements. 

24. Make networks ! Not just designers and design students but even people you meet otherwise, everyone is a resource for knowledge even the guy on the street. To partner with when needed, to share, collaborate with and learn from !

25. Share your inspirations - books, music, websites, network using that as well. Read more, know more.
Keep connecting with people.

26. Connect and work with NGO's at some point in your life. Bring people you can learn from to your other peers, so you can all learn from them together.

27. Have a blog. 

28. Good words : ENGAGE - with things, with mutual respect, give and take.
DISCOVER - the new, newer experiences, opportunities.
MAKE - It's only when you make, that you are made !!
CONNECT - Everything will work back with you.

29. Make sure you are growing everyday, if you haven't , pause and think why, what happened to slow you down. Everyday is a chance for learning - every little thing and moment.

30. Always stay motivated.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

La la la LA. la. - A few Notes from Unlearning.

When we were asked to go out to the grounds and bring stuff in, so that we could make compositions using the material....why didn't we actually explore and go through all of the campus ?? We had been given 2 hours, but we only went to the ground right outside class. We perused, but we did not feel it truly. We concenterated more on procuring than truly experiencing... On the goal, more than the process.

When we made compositions and later portable versions of the same... Why did we have to a concept ? A story ? Why couldn't it just have been ??


- Don't narrow yourself down, saying you love this or hate this or that... or that you only want to do this and not that - 

Be broad-minded, don't just think of "why"s think of the "why-not"s !!
Be open, share, learn from other's work, don't hold it against them.

Don't make yourself an island, Don't be secretive about your work... be interested in everything and everyone around you, you'll never truly learn when you only focus on yourself.

Design Teachers don't oppose you...they are here with you.

Don't plug into your pod and tune out of what's happening around you. Anything can be an inspiration.

Get comfortable with your place in this world, what a designer does, who you are, what you do and what you are going to do. Get excited about everything, and keep collecting inspirations. Always keep a journal !!

Unless you know what question to ask, you won't get the right answers.


Design is not 2x2=4.

Anybody who comes up with innovations, your mom, other artisans, artists, people on the streets, off it or on it, anybody is your Design Peer. Learn from them !!

Universal Design is design that caters to everybody.

Drawing something, is like drawing from a well. We are all wells, but you can only draw from a well if there is water in it.. so experience.touch.learn.feel.observe.take it all in. Drawing is not just visual. You need water in your well. Reproduce your sensations in your work.

Artists express their inner struggle or their interpretation of issues outside or around them, that is why they're often controversial, because they express it so.

We become different because our insights and thoughts on things change - because we think differently, not because of how we live, how we look etc., but because we interpret, receive, feel, think things differently with much more meaning or lesser or differently or as such. 
Not because of anything else. Don't mix it up.

We have to get out of the Linear way of thinking things, this one sided way of looking at things realistically, learn to attribute, symbolise, imagine !!

Emotions make it real. Try other perceptions, abstract, unreal !! The lines between Abstract, real, Real abstract and Abstract-real are very thin.

Being Fashionable is nothing but being relevant in the moment. "The buzz" so to speak.

" I don't agree with what you're saying, but I will fight to death than take away your right to speak your mind"
- On Freedom of Expression.

Friday, July 2, 2010


So here I am at Design School, our first few days were devoted to a Threshold Programme, where we UNLEARNED with Mr. Joginder Pangal, a famous designer who was in the first batch at NID.

Anyhow.. during "Unlearning" and over how Abstract is this and that and Real is also Abstract, but Abstract is not Real,you see...This is pretty much how I felt. I'm still opening my mind to all that is to come, so . Yay? anyone??!! Ha !

Words are like you and me, they all have meaning.

In its mind swirled,
the sky, the soil,
the sun, the sand.
They swirled and twirled,
into the black cosmos of its own making.

What was it? You would never know,
It held all, made all.
It contained all.

Colors of yellow, green,
brown - white,
blue and black.
From shallow withins and deeps without.

It brought all, mixed all.
It created all.

Feelings of joy, sorrow,
pain and gain.
Sensations both hard and smooth; soft and rough;
"IT" was in the making,
A black-hole of promise,
In an universe of emptiness.

- Poem that randomly appeared during Story-telling assignment, tried to think of the abstract, still ended up with the real, sounds nice when read aloud, well officially my first poem at design school -
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