Wednesday, February 17, 2010


 Water-Color and Mixed Media on Ivory Paper.

- The paper cuttings are from the matrimonial section of a Tamil weekly -

Sunday, February 14, 2010

About Love,

There was supposed to be an article at the end of this.... but.. well, I think what people said themselves was quite enough, it might take you about 10 minutes to read through all of this, but it will be worth it and it will stay with you for a long time after... I went around asking people over sms's, and chat and facebook about why they love the person in their life... and this is what I got, divided into his and hers.


I guess it's because of what she means to me you know? I mean I can never feel what I feel for her with anybody else… She makes me feel so good about myself, and she makes me WANT to spend every moment of my life with her. 

There are a million reasons why I love her and when I come to really think of it there is no need of reason. I hope you get what I mean. 

I don't have a reason, don’t need one… Its love, when has logic ever applied? There are a million things I like about her but I'm pretty sure there are other people who have those qualities too, but I'm not in love with them, am I ? I'm with her !! So no, I don't really have a reason. 

I love her because I couldn't help but love her … and a bundle of other reasons that I couldn't see in anyone else but her.

She interests me. I interest her. I smile involuntarily when I look at her. She intrigues me. I can't read her entirely. She's not possessive or to be possessed. There is freedom in this love. 

She made me feel complete and at peace with myself. 

I just cannot define why I love her… it's something which I feel from inside that makes me connect with her… as the saying goes " Love is blind " for me it's true in the sense that till today even after all these years, I don't know why I love her… It's just a blind jump that we took after we clicked. For such relationships to go over the long distance and the long years to come, it has to go beyond physical appearance or any other attributes… It just comes down to being with the person you're most comfortable with.

I loved her because she accepted who I was. She understood that nobody is perfect and loved me even when she knew my flaws. She was my total opposite, yet she loved me. Even though we were so different from each other, we felt a strong connection between us since the day we first met. I think its all about not having to look across at each other in life , but to look together in the same direction at life. 

I loved her because I really like her a lot. She was there with me whenever I needed someone. I could talk to her about anything under the sun. We had so many common interests and we always had a good time when we were around each other. 

I love her because she is crazy and she is beautiful for it. We've mutually decided to be with each other, it could have been with anyone, but she and I did and we're very happy.

Falling in love just happens, there are no reasons. It's more like a realization… Love is just a feeling… a state of being!!

I loved her because at that moment she fit my definition of love. To me love is not something fixed; it's very dynamic it keeps on changing as the two people grow into and with each other. So what is today 2+2 = 4 may not be the same tomorrow. I loved her at that point in time because that’s what I thought love to be.

I don’t know right now. I guess you just love them. I'm honest enough to know that I've not found the one yet and I'm thankfully mature enough to not foolishly go searching for her. When it happens, it will. 

I love her because she's a fantastic person, companion and friend and she is everything that I've been looking for in the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with… and that's something I didn't discover until I actually started living with her. (Married)

I love her because she totally gets me and it's just so simple with her. 

I love her because she gets me like nobody else does and she makes me feel very special. 

Certain things they did or thought matched with my actions and thoughts. 

For me it was mainly because we both shared the same ideals, same outlook, the rebelliousness etc., so basically it was an emotional and philosophical thing. Plus she was independent, smart and very sure of herself. We clicked right from day one!

Personality, being comfortable around them and as simple as the fact that I could laugh with them all the time over anything and everything. 

I love them because they were and are with me when I most needed them.

It’s a moment that just happens, a revelation... You don’t really see reason after a point.

Well because she understands or at least makes a sincere effort to understand this supremely complex mind of mine. I've found her standing by me in every possible circumstance. She is the one I find solace in. The one I can confide in.

I loved her because of what she was with me, the way she made me feel. I loved the way she loved her independence, her virtues and her stubborn stand on so many things. I loved the way she laughs; it got me thinking always…made me feel so content always like a moment I'd love to freeze. I still love her laugh. 

There's no reason, it's been 7 years. 4 since we broke up. And I'm still searching for the reason in me, I don’t know why… I still love her, haven’t looked at another girl. 

She loves me, so I love her for who she is, which is someone who makes me feel real good. Trust, love, security, everything I get from her makes me love her all the more.

I love her and it just happened. One day the way I saw her just changed, I don't remember when, or what or how… but it did. I think it’s a matter of a moment or a day or a night, sometime it happens without you even knowing it and when you realize you can't help but give in. That's why they say you fall in love, because you really, truly do fall 

I will love her because I can paint a picture with her in the future; I want to be able to visualize things in the future with her.

I love her because there is a great deal of fondness and understanding and I smile every time I think of her. 

The only other people who love us so much are our blood relations, so when someone else loves me unconditionally like that, how can I not love them back. Love is caring, sharing, adjusting to whatever situation we both face. She gives me her hands in support at any time, otherwise it wouldn't be love. It isn't just all about happiness it is also about the strength to face and mount over any obstacle presented.

I was in love with her because I was very comfortable; I could talk to her about anything… No communication gaps, no formalities and I knew her so well I could almost complete her sentences.

I love her because of so many reasons. Not one but many. She helps me find my inner peace. She is my companion, my soul mate, my best friend and she allows me to express myself in way I could never with others. She turns me on as a person. She helps me grow. She stimulates my intelligence, my creativity, my vision. She is the reason I want to be more.

Well, I love her for who she is and because she makes me complete. (Married) 

It’s a feeling. What is love, anyway? Love is the purest form of friendship, the person you love has to be your best friend as well as certain things beyond that. They are there for you. You're genuinely happy for each other without any conditions.. expecting them to go against their nature and hurt themselves to make you happy is not love. It has to be mutual. It has to have acceptance.

This is really vague. I love her idiosyncrasies, the way she can abate my seriousness or sadness or misery by saying something that makes me smile. 

I'm completely sold on love being a farce, a figment of imagination rather. Even if it does exist, it doesn't apply to 99% of the people who say they are in love, or that they love someone….for most people it is a blanket you pull over yourself to make you feel better.

I like love her because she is 1.Very good looking. 2. Caring/Lovable. 3. I think she is the one for me. 

I love her because we are friends first and then lovers… we don't go all lovey-dovey and stuff…and neither do we try flaunting it to others. We know we are in love, that's it. No insecurities. To quote Bollywood, I could say "Pyaar dosti hai yaar".

I love her not just for one reason… She is trustworthy, she is my best friend, she is a good human being above all this. Pretty, cute, funny, mischievous, egotistical, I love it all, especially the way she loves me. And as much as I make fun of the way she speaks, walks, eats, talks, I wouldn't change anything about her. I love her for who she is.

I loved her so that we could share joy, sorrow and support each other. Everyone gets lonely you know… Love solves this anomaly, it's not really describable.

It's complicated. She is the only one who understands me and does not care what I did in the past. She is not shallow like most other girls because she actually, genuinely cares about everybody. I can tell her anything and she will try to understand it… she tries and then she accepts…She is herself with me, completely… always frank… The truth is, I've never been this happy with anyone or on my own. I love making her happy. (Very young love) 

Love really has no reason, but if you're asking for that special chemistry, I'd say that she's someone who understands and accepts me the way I am… and its like this instant emotion, that you get with this one person in your life and for me it happened with her, and what can I say, I'm a lucky man !

I loved her because she changed something in me for the better.

She's intelligent, understanding, doesn't breathe down my neck and is very supportive. (Married)

I love her because humans aren't designed to go through their lives alone and love is basically friendship and great sex :P I mean as cliched at it sounds, she is my best friend too. 

I love her because she brings out a side of me that I never knew existed. She makes me want to fulfill every dream of hers. I was never that kind of guy, but she made me think about the future, about wanting to be somewhere with her and getting there and still being close to her...and when my bike ran out of fuel, 40kms outside the city, 8.30pm in the night, she pushed the bike alongside me saying " Don't worry...This is sooooo cool " How can I not love this girl !! 

I love her because she makes it so easy. She is the first person to ask me how I am, and really mean it. When I am with her it's the most amazing experience, and when I'm not I know it's where I need to be. There are just so many little things that work between us. We have literally been like an old married couple from the time we met and it's unlike anything I've ever known. Loving her makes me truly happy.

It's silly. I loved him because he could make me laugh, there was a lot of teasing, jokin' around. Funniness and fun. You know like when you can call someone out on everything ? that. 

I love her because she cares...a LOT. Very committed. Very loveable. Very cute. 

Well she was sweet, had a nice personality, similar interests and yeah the physical thing..the attraction... Not really love is it ...they call it an infatuation or a crush.

It's hard to define or say why I'm in love with her, but I am. It's got a lot to do with dreams of our life together. It started with attraction that developed into something much more deep and meaningful. It's hard to say how or why it happened, but I'm so happy it did. 

I loved her because I just liked that person.I mean, I don't know...I just loved her. 2 years of not speakin to her verbally, not even eye contact but seeing her go through her life...and then suddenly one fine day...I just loved her.


I love him because he makes me feel complete… as in I'm just completely myself with him and also because I can trust him blindly.

I was drawn to how intellectually stimulated I felt around him, how he gave me something to think about and it wasn't some mindless, vapid shit. It was actual conversation. It's also about all the small things like being around him, liking the same music etc. that started things off

For the record, I don't really love him. I'm with him because I like him a lot. I care for him because we have fun together and I want to see where this goes for us. I love my best friend because no matter what he says, whatever manipulative crap he pulls on me, no matter the worst ways he finds to hurt me; he always, always comes back and tries to make it ok… and slowly now, his walls are falling away and he is letting me in. I love because he demands honesty even when it hurts him the most, and he always gives the same 100% honesty back even if he knows it will make his life miserable. I love him because he listens to just himself and makes his own call however stupid or silly it may seem to the rest of us and yet when he does realize he's wrong… he's man enough to admit it.

I love him because he seemed to be the perfect embodiment of all my wants and wishes.

I love him because he is he and I am I, and together We. Just. Are.

I love him because with him I am myself and I don't have to be even one bit hesitant to express what I feel. He is my best friend and with him it's so much fun. It doesn't feel like I'm with my "Boyfriend" when I'm around him. There is so much ease. There are also a ton of stupid fights and serious arguments but we can still work over them without worrying about where it would end, because he and I are forever !

Because I just love him, I love everything about him and also because he loves me back unconditionally.

Well basically, I've spent so much time around him, getting to know him and he's grown on me, you know what I mean? And then you get the feeling that he is important to you and plus he is someone who I can talk to anytime of the day, be silly or be myself and have a lot of fun with.

You don't need a reason to be in love ya !! I still haven't been in love Haha!

He is that part of me who I share everything with – my pillar of support, strength, even a father figure at times. I can be what I want to be around him. I hate addressing him as my husband because husbands and wives usually breathe down each other's backs, but as friends we really share. He gives me the freedom to be the individual I was before I got married, which is very important to me. There is nothing I can hide from him, he is a very good and patient listener. He's like a coach, sort of :D who shows me the way when I get lost and if need be, he walks with me on my path. (Married)

I love him because he is really smooth and we get along really well. He fits my character to a T. He's also very adjusting. I don’t really care for money and etc., because he knows what I need and he'll earn it up for me. So I'm not really bothered.

I think I love him because he's so nice to me and I get to be myself no matter and speak my mind and I can relate to stuff he says and feels…what I really want to do is give him atleast a little bit of the happiness that he overdoses me on everyday.

I love him because he takes care of me , works hard at it too and its not for money or for sex, it is to keep me happy and smiling, we do a lot of things together and he loves me a lot and lets me see it from him. He's very protective and worries if I'm away from him. He can be a good friend and good boyfriend at the same time. I love him because he is handsome and interesting and with him I can speak about everything and I feel very good when I am around him.

If I feel him and when I do, I can see everything I can handle or not, in him and when all this pheelingsu is mutual, then love happens :D

He makes me feel good, gives me motivation to do things I otherwise wouldn't do. He is there for me when I need him and he knows what exactly to say when I really need someone to say the right thing and be there for me.

I love him because he is the only one who makes me feel that special way inside, and lol…He's just irresistible.

I love him because he listens, guides, reads my thoughts, understands me, emphathises, does good to humanity and is simple at heart. He has a 100watt smile that can make my day and a laugh that can sway me away.

Little, little things like his smile, the way he would trouble me for no reason at all, the crazy stuff, the understanding reassurances, the witty banter, the ability to move from mischievous needy child to a sensible, caring and kind man… all these things and more made me think I was in love with him.

I love him because he makes me feel like I'm better than any other girl out there.

I loved him for what he was. I liked being around him because he made me happy, he made me feel things that I normally would not have experienced, especially not just with "anybody".

I love how simple it is for them to make me happy. I love the passion, the caresses, the possessiveness. But forcing yourself to love and be committed only makes things worse. I've learnt a lot of lessons from so called awesome relationships that went onto fail. Love is more about loving yourself and knowing when to let go and give unto others.

I loved him because it felt real. Because I liked him for whoever he is, whatever made him that way.

I love him because he's super adorable and very understanding and funny.

I love because even though he lives I don't really want to know how many miles away in a different time zone , and not having seen each other in 14 months… he STILL manages to be the best part of my day. There's so much to say.. it's so hard to sum it all up.

Personality, usually because they make me laugh and look good doing that. I like that.

I loved him because he made me feel like I'm the best and there is no one better than me. He really made me happy. He was this really hot guy who was kinda cute too, and haha, as per my wishlist he could dance and sing as well.

I believed there was nothing such a love and it was all really just a fantasy, but when he wasn't around, I could feel the empty space. I loved him because even though we were completely different and had different opinions on almost everything possible, he respected that and we chose together to agree to disagree. Everything just seemed easier with him around. Maybe that's why. It made everything simpler.

I love him because the first time I laid eyes on him I felt alive. I love him because we fight like cats and dogs only to realize we cant live without each other. I love him because all I need to do is lie down on his chest and I doze off. I love him because I know that the room maybe full of these hot babes but he sees only me. I love him because he makes me want to do better, be better, heck, he even makes me want to do the laundry sometimes … haha !! (Married young and crazy and happy)

Just the little things he does… and how I'm the only one he talks to and shows his feelings to.

Eventhough I was in a relationship with someone else, when I met him first, it felt like he had stolen my soul !!

I love him because after my dad *RIP* he is the only one who has really understood me and has stood by me.

I was 17, when I fell in love and got committed to him and I loved being devoted to happiness depended on his happiness...with time, with age...the reasons kept changing and I fell out of love but the committment kept me going. Right now, I'm not sure why I fell in love with him, but eventually it just wasn't love anymore but I think I loved him because he was devoted to me and I to him - he was a witness and a partner to me, in my everyday life.

Actually, I thought about it and I think I'm selfish because I like somebody based on the context of his/her behavior towards me, but there is this one person I totally adore because he is hardworking, focussed and ambitious AND he is also one of the sweetest, kindest souls that I have met. Very considerate fellow. But then again, none of this is THAT kind of love.

All I can think of is that song by John Lennon -
"Love" Love is real, real is love,
Love is feeling, feeling love,
Love is wanting to be loved.
Love is touch, touch is love,
Love is reaching, reaching love,
Love is asking to be loved.
Love is you,
You and me,
Love is knowing,
We can be.
Love is free, free is love,
Love is living, living love,
Love is needing to be loved."

I really, really can't define this... Love..just IS ! without any reasons. What I mean to say is that I don't know why I'm in love him.. I just am.. with everything about him or for that matter nothing about him...So you know, even though I can write a 1000 poems, I still can't ever find the right words to define it. It's just one of those things...

Well, I love my friends and that's because they understand me and my needs. They are always there through thick and thin and they have always known how to make me happy. :) That's it !

I don't need a reason, I've never looked for one. I just love him. I love that he accepts me the way I am, all my quirks included. I love how he makes me feel like the luckiest girl ever. Like I am where I'm meant to be, even when I feel my worst. I love the intimacy, the support, the conversation. Just the thought that he's there for me undoes the effect of all the shit that's come my way, and I'm so thankful for his presence. He means so much, but the rest is just for me to know :D

I loved him, why..well , because of the way he made me feel, which is .. special and as any teenager wanting that attention, I got that from him and a sense of absolute comfort in sharing. Little innocence.

He is my husband because I love him. It is a feeling of trust and friendship and most of all he accepted all of me even my flaws without trying to change me because he respects my individuality. (Married)

Well...I love him because the very minute I got to know him, he made it very easy for me to laugh and be myself. There were no walls between or around us.. and we so readily let each other in, anyway... and thats when you know.. WE CLICKED !

Why am I in love? Let me think, he makes me laugh so much, we always have so much fun together, we have so much in common and we're great friends and most of all the trust between us !

For so many reasons !!! He brings out the best in me, makes me smile..A LOT. Gives the best advice, because he knows me best and he's hot !! haha, We've been together since forever, and even though right now we're not together..I know that it's still going to go on forever.

** I loved listening to all 87 of you.There is young love, old love, broken love, tough love and just about all kinds of love here, asking these questions did lead to quite a lot of nostalgia for a lot of people, heck it even got one couple who had broken up for good, back together. Just one question, why do you love him/her? **

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eve has bitten the Apple.

Doodle in Advertising Class @ my Visual Communication course.
(Gel Pens and Felt pens on Notebook paper)

So why so late.

Because. Life happened.

One phone conversation happened over one element of my photography.
One job happened.
Multi-functionality happened.
Events, writing, Photography, networking., designing, social work, online marketing.
More projects happened.
Dope, Kickstart Coimbatore, Coimbatore College of Contemporary Arts, Coimbatore Music Forum, Echoes of the Throne, Red Cross, Atmos.

Love got better. So did Home. Life after following your dreams is so peaceful. I haven't known this in.. so.. many.. years..

Thank you for all the opportunities. Thank you for standing by me and standing up for me. Thank you for letting me follow my dreams. Thank you for love. Thank you for friendship. Thank you for faith. Thank you for letting go. Thank you for colors. Thank you for luck and destiny and fate. Most importantly for being there while I discovered me and letting me be.

All of you's - you all know who you are.

I'm going to be updating soon enough. Let me get me organized :) it's been mad lately. How surprising ;) NOT !! :D
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