Saturday, December 15, 2007



Not all those who wander are lost;

- Those that stray the paths well-taken

Have done for a reason - to gain the most

Why then are they often mistaken?

Through the journey, many times, led astray

Following those who were equally blind

They learnt all of life's lessons the hard way

Walking all those roads that twist and wind.

The thorns might stab and prick,

And the wounds will bleed and heal,

Falling under many a treat and trick -

Everytime it hurts, they know that their hearts can still feel.

Out at sea, was when they knew -

That the waters lie both shallow...deep...

And calm and beautiful blue

Even as the storms above rant and weep.

Soon the darkness will clear,

And the struggle of the years will become worth it all.

The fears, tears and weary memories will disappear

They will walk on, grimly smiling, unafraid to fall...


Thursday, December 13, 2007


It flows through his veins,

The one thing that numbs it all

The memories, unforgettable moments,the smiles through the pains..

All untold, withheld; in each and every fall

Through each steep, drowsy step, so slow

Around the dark corners of his mind

Round and round the thoughts flow

The memories once locked away - now unwind.

The eternal darkness eats away the mortal sunshine

And the beauty slowly turns insane.

The Judges, jury and the Holy Ghost all stand in line

To roll the dice - his loss or gain.

His steps, slowly moving, trudging, falling

Letting the bittersweetness flow through his body still alive,

Slipping, awakening, the despair numbing -

Closer to killing his will to survive

The will to stop! to strive!

The unwilling stupor blinds him in a cloud..

The will to fight! to live!

His silent screams echo through, aloud.

His flailing hands get a hold

He sees the light, shining so bright

And the angels of whom, when young he was told

Lift him up - heart and soul, putting him right.

He knew what he was really made of now..

He knew his wasn't the darkness but the light so clear

He knew he'd only reap what he'd sow

And so he walked now, head held high, without fear...

Thursday, August 23, 2007


As days go by
I come to know
Time will fly
But I still have miles to go

People come; Might stay
Friends laugh; Can leave
It's just another day
No time to grieve

It's just another day
But I still have miles to go.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

xkcd - inspired

( Fountain-Pen Ink and Charcoal Pencil )

Falling Apart.
( Pencil )

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'll Follow you

Acid green monsters
blood red whores
black tongued bitches
wine eyed rogues
beautiful black butterflies
drinking red blood
Where i See u ,
is too hard to find.

Follow him....
follow love.....
hard and steep....
leave the dark voices
follw him all the way..

(..fkin gibran..)

Acid green monsters,
blood red whores, "when love beckons you, follow him though his ways may be hard and steep" -Kahlil Gibran
black tongued bitches
wine eyed rogues
beautiful black butterflies
drinking red blood

Ink filled eyes of ice
Staring at hearts full of crack
Fluorescent pot clouds
Filling all their muddy skulls
Stormy grey suns
breeding stinky dying flowers
(..on MaAA graVE...)

Love, where are you///
show ur bloody way...
(...fkin gibran..)

Hard and steep
Walking, hurting...
love.... show me ur waaay
(where the fuck are you/....)

where i see you is too hard to find...
but i'll follow you...

Dark Dark whispers,
rumble thro murky white brains
But love... i'll follow you

Acid green monsters,
blood red whores
black tongued bitches
wine eyed rogues
beautiful black butterflies
drinking red blood

I'll fkin follow u
(acid green monsters)
(blood red whores)
LOVe ...i'll follow u...
(black tongued bitches)
(wine eyed rogues)
Though your ways are hard and steep...
(beautiful black butterflies)
(drinking red blood)
I'll follow you.

When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. - Kahlil Gibran

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The eternal Darkness of the insane mind ~

Restless, Restricted, Empty ...
I want to fly, soar. I also want to  tear my aching body and my bruised heart apart. I want to set my mind free. I want to run and take-off.  How I hate unrequited efforts and emotions. I'm displeased - not content.
I stand at a cliff. On the edge. Not looking down into the endless abyss but at another massive cliff in the yonder past a magnificent ocean reflecting the stormy gray of the dark clouds over it. I stand amidst my thorns desiring the colours of life held yonder.
I want to take the leap...something unknown is holding me back. Holding me rooted. I hear the thunder, feel the rain tearing away my clothes exposing the scars of the years past... and my own sun eats away at my soul... my eyes hollow black holes... my smile thin,twisted,mean... a gaunt face surviving the everyday battles waging inside.
A racous dark voice... JUMP... jump... die again your 1000 deaths...
A tiny haunting voice; leap.. LEAP.... for the half chance of a near normal life...NooOO
Stuck... stuck to the insanity that grounds my soul for life....
My eternal sunshine... save me...make my mind spotless don't eat away my soul.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The most beautiful pain.

Self-realization hits you and you know its not something new-
When you look into the mirror and see the real you,
Admitting to the horrors,unravelling your mind's maze,
And all the smog clears but you're still in a daze.

When you reach the end,
You'd also know that you cant mend
The mistake that is you-you in vain,
For Self-realization is the greatest pain.

You'd stumble now,struggling to hold on
To the dreams and joys that seem long gone,
Groping here and there you reach a friend's loving hand,
But fear grips you and you fall unto the dreary sand.

But then suddenly your courage is back,
And you dont cut anymore slack.
You move and walk and trudge on somehow
Reaching towards his open arms full of love

He wipes away your pain and your tears,
And calms away those insecure fears.
In his arms you become strong,
And inside,you steadily destroy all the wrong.

Finally with a clear heart and mind,
You look at him with love and you soon find-
Self-realization is the most beautiful pain,
For you find your true self and stand only to gain!
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