Thursday, December 13, 2007


It flows through his veins,

The one thing that numbs it all

The memories, unforgettable moments,the smiles through the pains..

All untold, withheld; in each and every fall

Through each steep, drowsy step, so slow

Around the dark corners of his mind

Round and round the thoughts flow

The memories once locked away - now unwind.

The eternal darkness eats away the mortal sunshine

And the beauty slowly turns insane.

The Judges, jury and the Holy Ghost all stand in line

To roll the dice - his loss or gain.

His steps, slowly moving, trudging, falling

Letting the bittersweetness flow through his body still alive,

Slipping, awakening, the despair numbing -

Closer to killing his will to survive

The will to stop! to strive!

The unwilling stupor blinds him in a cloud..

The will to fight! to live!

His silent screams echo through, aloud.

His flailing hands get a hold

He sees the light, shining so bright

And the angels of whom, when young he was told

Lift him up - heart and soul, putting him right.

He knew what he was really made of now..

He knew his wasn't the darkness but the light so clear

He knew he'd only reap what he'd sow

And so he walked now, head held high, without fear...

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