Saturday, March 17, 2007

The most beautiful pain.

Self-realization hits you and you know its not something new-
When you look into the mirror and see the real you,
Admitting to the horrors,unravelling your mind's maze,
And all the smog clears but you're still in a daze.

When you reach the end,
You'd also know that you cant mend
The mistake that is you-you in vain,
For Self-realization is the greatest pain.

You'd stumble now,struggling to hold on
To the dreams and joys that seem long gone,
Groping here and there you reach a friend's loving hand,
But fear grips you and you fall unto the dreary sand.

But then suddenly your courage is back,
And you dont cut anymore slack.
You move and walk and trudge on somehow
Reaching towards his open arms full of love

He wipes away your pain and your tears,
And calms away those insecure fears.
In his arms you become strong,
And inside,you steadily destroy all the wrong.

Finally with a clear heart and mind,
You look at him with love and you soon find-
Self-realization is the most beautiful pain,
For you find your true self and stand only to gain!

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