Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Bassist.

This was a little more carefully drawn..ink resources were limited though..
drawn for an amazing person...
dedicated to all leftie guitarists, and, bassists in general :D 

bahaha !!

The Bassist

You’re the weirdest member of the machine
keeping that beat like no one’s ever seen.
The tinny teen idols sound like steel flies,
in the wake of your “ohm”- like lullabies.

I know it seems like no one knows you’re there
But if you weren’t, on this vow I swear:
The other band members wouldn’t belong
because you’re the one who holds up the song.

That back beat is never in the background.
Low-key but never ignoring the sound
of the pitch in perpetual pattern.
Woofers shed light on your four-string lantern

*got the poem off the net somewhere, not mine*

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