Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photoshoot for Dope's Red Cross PSA

I was part of a team, that made a very simple PSA for Red Cross Society, Coimbatore's mega fundraiser on its Platinum Jubilee. Over 17,000 people attended the show, which saw the likes of Sivamani, Actor Surya, Mirchi Suchi, Kala Master etc., performing. Our Photo montage.. played first :)

Very DIY, very on the spot, plus only a few days time given to shoot,edit, post.. add the dysfunctional camera that required special attentions from kaka :D

I helped set up the scene for the Photos, and did the photo editing, also gave inputs on the Post-processing.
Credits to Kaarthic Senthil who shot  and did post processing and the friends who modelled from PSG CAS.

                                                   Facebook Album Link  , Video Link

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