Monday, June 7, 2010


My very own Photography page is here, and as usual, I'm a bit haphazard with updations, but I'm working on it !!
I've called it Shutterspective Photography, which would you believe, no one has thought of using before ( I googled to check, yes I did :P )


With reference to Photography, the Shutter is a device and mechanism in a camera that allows light to pass through it, for the purpose of exposing the film or sensor in the camera to the light, so that one may capture a permanent image of an object, place, person or any random odd thing that depicts :

1. a) A view or a Vista
b) A mental view or outlook

2. The appearance of objects in depth or as perceived by normal vision.

3. a) The relationship of aspects of a particular subject to each other, and to a whole. 
b) Subjective evaluation of relative significance (i.e) a point of view
c) The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance

Anyhow here's the link : Shutterspective Photography

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