Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Adolf Hitler , the Nazi leader of Germany led a lightening attack on Russia during the Second World War. This attack termed as "Blitzkrieg" destroyed not only the great city of Leningrad but also the lives, hopes and dreams of millions of Russians. It was one of the worst periods in World history where people even resorted to cannibalism to survive the 900 day siege. Russia, had at that point of time, almost given up hope of a better life.

This little boy represents the spirit of Russia, the spirit of all those vanquished dreams and souls of the blitzkrieg. This poem shows how the spirit of Russia takes hope again to lead its beloved people to a better life and a better future.


Alone he walked on the crooked road;
The fires having wiped out the people he loved.
For his brave soldiers he hummed an ode,
But he burned with silent fury, that none cared
What became of his beloved land.
The very land that farmers had once carefully tilled,
Had now become mere rubble and sand,
Full of corpses that the enemies had killed.
Gone were the peoples’ tears-
For they could shed no more.
Their thoughts held untold fears,
And their hearts and souls had become sore.

The Germans attacked with mighty swords,
With guns, planes and tanks,
Unlistening to the peoples’ pleading words.
Yet, those who survived offered no thanks,
Because, now their lives had gone
And there was no more laughter or beauty.
There was nothing that could be done
To bring back the proud Russian city.
Nine hundred days, the siege had lasted
And finally the Germans made their retreat.
But none would forget the bombs that had blasted
Their very lives and souls on those empty streets.

Despite the bitter cold,
The little boy trudged on,
But now he took steps that were bold
And he no longer looked forlorn.
He walked forth determined
That he would do his best.
He would not let his country be undermined,
And he swore to wipe out the German pest.
This little boy held in his hand
A better future for those deprived.
He would bring back the glory of his land
And so he struggled and strived.
He walked straight, braver now
Knowing the people would cope
And then, to them he would show
That anything could be done with a little hope.

And Russia would rise again!

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