Sunday, August 15, 2004


Though we enjoyed freedom for the past 58 years,

Lets take time today to remember the tears,

That millions and thousands of Indians have shed,

And salute the martyrs who left,dead.

Remember all their toil

For this very soil.

Their blood and sweat

Once made this land wet.

Why can't each and every Indian see,

That they wanted India to be truly free,

Not just from the invaders who had broken in,

But from every form of evil,corruption and sin.

They went through so much misery,

To leave India's freedom as their legacy.

Their deeds were not just part of history,

But part of everyone's personal story.

So don't just look up in admiration,

Work now towards making India a better nation.

For,India hopes you have realized,

The dreams those martyrs visualized.

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