Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Love songs... apparently :D


Why do you have to say
Only when someone does ask
Why do you have to keep it all at bay
And put yourself to so much task.

Why do you have to hide
And not say it at all...
( Can't u see our arms wide)
( To hold you as you fall...)

Anytime, Anywhere
Anything and Everything
Not just when you cant bear
But all the time - Now i sing
Anything and Everything
Just for you, I'm here
To mend any broken wing.

Fly free, Fly away
Take your life in its sway
I'm here for you anyway
Not someday but everyday
Anything and Everything
Just for you,I'm here
All the time; Now I sing...

Anything and Everything
My arms wide, Right by your side
I love you and I'm here for you...

Anytime, Anywhere
Anything and Everything
I'm here for you (baby)
And I love you ( all the time)
And I love you (all the time)

Anytime ....Anywhere...
Anything... and everything...
I love you......


Lately, I’ve felt you
Felt you everywhere
In my heart and my soul
You were a part of me
I lost my better half
When you left me alone

Don’t you understand
That I miss you
Don’t you believe
That I need you
Don’t you know…
That I love you
Then why don’t you just love me back?... ( repeat)

Sadly, you just left..
Said nothing… but you left…
Never told me or anybody…
You just went your own way ( Don’t )

Suddenly, I was alone
I ceased to exist
In your mind.

I was the past,
A past to be forgotten
But you are my future
My light at the end of the cave… ( Don’t )

Though I try to forget
We both know I can’t
You mean so much to me,
You will never leave my heart.
You are still a part of me,
I can never let you go…
I just cant help it…
So for the last time I’m asking ya…. ( Don’t – twice)

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