Saturday, August 9, 2003



Away from you
I’m sinking,
In the sea of despair,
Of desire, of love

I still remember you
And everything we used to do
I still remember you
Our rides across the miles
Filled with our exultant smiles
I still remember you
Every word you spoke
Everything we did
I don’t think I will forget
Cause its not that I remember
Its my heart that bleeds and aches
With the memories of you…..


Its raining out there
And I’m freezing inside
I’m frozen
Whether its your attitude
Or the time I spent with you…

You seem so cold
So distant…
Makes me long for times old
Wonder if it all was a dream…

After two months of emptiness
My heart is now damp
With the rain of two weeks

Friends or more?
Have we lost what we had
Will ‘we’ ever come back?
I want to ask
The million questions
That I think of…
But then I don’t want to lose you…
Be my friend or whatever…
I just need you near me forever…….

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