Thursday, July 24, 2003


What's more torturous as history

Making learning it a misery

Full of years and periods

Memorizing everyone of the Dravid's

Of King Louis and Henry

And Elizabeth,the both

Of Colbert and Wellesley

And Dupleix and Dalhousie

What's in it for us

To know of our miserable history...

When wars and battles

Innumerable fought...

Thousands died

And treaties signed

Only to be broken again.

Money was taken...

Palaces were looted,

Monuments were destroyed,

And Queens roasted themselves,

Beautiful things have gone

Because of all those people

Innumerable lives have gone

Their wailing and shrieks still echo through my books...

Do we need remembrance of all these horrors?

No! We should forget the past

Or atleast learn from their mistakes

But as we do neither

We're condemned to the same terrors..

Men and their Egos

Making playgrounds of whole countries...

People toiling for freedom

In so called great kingdoms

The story of India is a sad one

And to have heard it once is enough

No more! No more I say,

Of all the blood shed

Wars between kith and kin

Leading only to more sin

For want of more land...

Land...Land is free

So are its people...

But they-their egos

Never agreed or knew.

Now here we all stand

Divided because of them,

Wars between religions still continue

From times old and new.

We should stop all of this,

And start afresh,

Open a new book,

And write a new story

To forget our terrible history....

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