Sunday, June 29, 2003

10th grade ramblings


Eyes move tired
Across the numerous pages
Head aches with the burden of such knowledge
Books surround me
They will decide my fate
The executioners
For the answers they seek
I may not know.

This life is not for the meek
Not time to go slow
Fast,very fast
While we are bound in iron cast
Will we last
In such a competition?
A race for life
Coz’ we depend on this
It will decide
Whether we rise or fall

When the attestation comes
Some with detest go
Some cry, some laugh
Some have their fates sealed.

We all strive
In this dark world
Oblivious of anything
But our books.

Driven like slaves,
Going back and forth
We work and toil
And at last we succeed
Is it a vain hope?
It depends…
Oh! What did we do
To be held captive
By our own knowledge?

This poem was written during those first FEW frenetic and enthusiastic weeks of cramming in 10 th grade… I lost my interest after a while… I had the most fun of my life in 10th grade, managed not to study , have fun and still get 85 % and district 2nd in French! Amazing year!


Written during the reshuffling of classes just as 10th std started...

I sit at my lonely desk

With thoughts about you, my friend

Long since I saw you

And my mind freely wanders

Thinking of Eden- paradise

Where you and I

Happily sing and dance

In a soulful trance

Moving round and round...

Together...holding hands

For this our last dance...

And then freedom will be bound...

A fate sent forth by our captive lessons

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