Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Broken Melody.

As usual, first the art happened, then the words inspired from it...


In the beginning, he played it hard and soft,
That cracked record she held deep in her heart,
And she would spin for him, spin and spin,
To all the words he chose for his favorite song.

Everyday it was the same.
*tick-tock, said the clock*
5 o'clock and he'd come rushing in,
He would play the music and she'd spin again,
Only the tune would change or the names.
Lesser, harder, more words for worse.

The record started cracking, cracking and breaking,
She sadly picked up the pieces, still spinning and spinning.
Maybe, she thought she could change the music then, for them,
If she spun harder, lesser, more words for worse.
He still played it furiously each day; for him, to her-
Till she was sorry, so sorry and the record was nearly gone.

But she still put together the pieces and spun some more
*more love, some hope*
The record still played- broken melodies; yet his words were worse.
*so hard,so cold*

- Verbal domestic abuse, is an evil, that needs to be recognized and stopped.... NO ONE should live in fear  of the person they love. If only one could see the damage that one's words can do  -

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  1. damn! u r good!!! i didnt see ur older posts.. u painted this? awesome colours, i must say! :-) i'd rather have such wonderful paintings in a bright and pleasant background... try it for a change...


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