Sunday, November 8, 2009

I made a mad box ~

So, my mum tired of seeing my mess of colors and pencils and paints and paper and sheets and gunk in the what in her opinion should be an impeccable family study, gave me this box, that was given as a case for some bed linen set.
Well.. I took it, put all my stuff in.. the box was comfy inside but looked weird and fugly outside.
And...then.. I gave it a makeover . Haha! coupla ol' magazines - Record and Ananda Vikatan to be exact and a French newspaper and gum and glue and sequins and a days work later. It looked like this. What do you think. Its no normal box no more :D

P.S : People are ordering in for me to make them custom boxes like these. woohoo. Collages are fun !

For more photos -Top of the box - 
1. middle  . 2. far left . 3. far right   ;   4. Front,Side and back 


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